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Purchasing Automation

EPRO establishes a documented purchasing process with mandated policies and internal controls to effectively streamline and automate the traditional procurement process, resulting in improved workflow, increased efficiency and guaranteed order accuracy. The procurement process is also standardized without adding infrastructure or overhead.

Invoice Automation

EPRO automates the invoice payment process making quick, easy, and paperless.  There are multiple methods for capturing invoices to enable invoice automation, including the ability to integrate with 3rd party scan and capture solutions. With Invoice Automation by EPRO, you not only streamline the AP process but gain real-time accounting visibility. Major benefits from Invoice Automation include:

  • Reduce invoice processing costs
  • Take advantage of early payment discounts
  • Gain real-time accounting visibility

Inventory Management

EPRO enables purchasing departments to better manage inventory costs by providing inventory and sales data in one view to help the buyer determine real-time purchase needs and ensure the right amount of inventory is always available.

EPRO uses preset ordering guides, complete with forecasting, that increase order accuracy, reduce cycle time, prevent product spoilage, and the need to carry inflated or insufficient inventory. Spending allowance configures to both dollar amount and quantity, eliminating inventory overages. Inventory system integration enables data to always be synced in real-time.

Budget Tracking

The EPRO Budget Tracking module allows companies to know, in real-time, what their spend is relative to budgets. Create budgets, allocate amounts based on GL accounts and departments, and then track spend on an ongoing basis knowing at all times where your company stands.

eSourcing (RFQ)

EPRO and MarketDojo have partnered to create a seamless eSourcing solution to complement the EPRO Contract Management module.

With EPRO and MarketDojo, you can establish a process whereby companies bid for you business over the internet. For an e-RFQ (Request for Quotation) companies quote for your goods or services. For an e-auction companies can bid against each other in real time. In a reverse auction sellers compete for a contract to supply goods or services and the price decreases over time. In a forward auction buyers compete to purchase assets and the price increases over time. In both cases, e-auctions help to establish the true market price. These activities can be supported by Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, Invitations to Tender, Requests for Proposals and Requests for Information. With e-Sourcing, you can also run weighted events where non-price related criteria are fed into an overall scoring of participant responses.

For more information, visit the MarketDojo website.

System Integration

Offers customers the ability to quickly enable EDI and cXML integrations with other systems in a matter of hours instead of weeks as you will find with other systems.

Reporting & Analytics

Spend Visibility is the end result of the automation that EPRO delivers. Gain real-time insight into your company's procurement process and make quicker and more accurate strategic sourcing decisions.


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