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Elevate Spend Management to a New Level

Control your corporate spending effortlessly with EPRO Procure-to-Pay. Companies of all sizes rely on EPRO to efficiently manage purchasing and accounts payable processes, all while receiving top-notch customer service. Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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Why Your Company Needs Procure-to-Pay

EPRO delivers a wide range of value opportunities that any growing organization needs to becoming scalable.

Visibility & Control

EPRO provides greater visibility into the procurement process, allowing organizations to track orders, monitor spending, and enforce compliance with procurement policies. This enhanced control can prevent fraud, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve financial management.

Process Efficiency

Streamlining the procure-to-pay process can lead to increased efficiency by automating routine tasks, reducing paperwork, and eliminating manual errors. This can result in faster procurement cycles and improved overall business agility.

Cost Savings

EPRO helps organizations negotiate better deals with suppliers, consolidate purchases, and reduce overall procurement costs. It also minimize the risk of unauthorized purchases and maverick spending.

Cash Management

An optimized procure-to-pay process can positively impact cash flow by facilitating better management of payment terms and taking advantage of early payment discounts. This can contribute to improved working capital management.

Supplier Management

EPRO enable better management of supplier relationships. By having a centralized view of supplier performance, organizations can make informed decisions about vendor selection, negotiate favorable terms, and build long-term partnerships.


EPRO helps ensure compliance with internal policies as well as external regulations. This is crucial for avoiding legal issues, fines, and reputational damage.

Key Capabilities

EPRO is a full Procure-to-Pay solution that is heavily focused on great customer service and low-cost integration for your changing and growing business.

Purchasing Management

Purchasing, control, and visibility can co-exist.

EPRO Purchasing Management gives you the control and visibility you need to manage your spending. With EPRO Purchasing Management, you get:

Purchasing Management
AP Automation

Elevate AP to a new level of control.

EPRO Accounts Payable (AP) Automation revolutionizes traditional invoice processing workflows by leveraging technology to streamline and optimize the entire process. With EPRO Purchasing Management, you get:

Inventory Management

Seamless integrated inventory control.

EPRO Inventory Management is a tool that helps businesses efficiently track, organize, and manage their inventory levels and related processes. With EPRO Inventory Management, you get:

Capital Project Management

A new way to on-time and underbudget.

EPRO Capital expenditure (CapEx) management assists businesses in efficiently planning, budgeting, tracking, and managing their capital investments. With EPRO Capital Management, you get:

Budget Management

Experience seamless and accurate budget tracking.

EPRO Budget Management assists individuals and businesses in managing their finances by monitoring income, expenses, and overall budgetary performance. With EPRO Budget Management, you get:

Recipe Management

Manage recipes with a purchasing perspective.

EPRO Recipe Management is a digital tool designed to organize, store, and manage culinary recipes efficiently. With EPRO Purchasing Management, you get:

Recipe Management Screen
Reporting & Analytics

Become empowered with new insights.

EPRO Analytics reporting involves analyzing and reporting on the entire procurement process, from requisitioning to payment. With EPRO Analytics, you get:

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