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EPRO offers healthcare companies a range of benefits, including cost savings, efficiency improvements, better supplier relationships, and enhanced control over procurement processes.

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Implementing a procure-to-pay system can result in cost savings, process efficiencies, compliance assurance, and strategic benefits for senior living management companies, ultimately helping them deliver better services to residents while maximizing profitability.

Cost Reduction

EPRO streamlines the procurement process, allowing companies to negotiate better terms with suppliers, consolidate purchases, and eliminate maverick spending. This can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Improved Efficiency

By automating the procurement process from requisition to payment, EPRO reduces manual tasks, paperwork, and errors associated with traditional procurement methods. This improves efficiency and allows staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Enhanced Compliance

EPRO enforces compliance with purchasing policies and regulations, ensuring that all purchases adhere to company guidelines and industry standards. This reduces the risk of fraud, errors, and non-compliance penalties.

Better Visibility and Control

EPRO provides real-time visibility into the procurement process, including spending patterns, vendor performance, and inventory levels. This enables senior living management companies to make informed decisions and exert greater control over their purchasing activities.

Faster Cycle Times

EPRO accelerates the procurement cycle by streamlining approvals, automating workflows, and facilitating electronic payments. This reduces the time it takes to process orders and invoices, improving overall responsiveness and agility.

Data-driven Insights

EPRO generates valuable data and analytics that senior living management companies can use to optimize their procurement strategies, identify cost-saving opportunities, and forecast future spending. This enhances decision-making and drives continuous improvement.

EPRO Has You Covered

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Reactornet as a company seems to be very flexible in tailoring its suite of products to the individual needs of its customers. We recently switched to a new enterprise level accounting system, and Reactornet was more than happy to work with us on our integration needs, and the integration cost was very reasonable.


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