EPRO for Hospitality

EPRO helps hospitality groups run efficiently

EPRO offers hospitality companies a range of benefits, including cost savings, efficiency improvements, better supplier relationships, and enhanced control over procurement processes.


We help the best hospitality companies streamline their purchasing and accounting.

Procure-to-Pay for Hospitality

EPRO delivers the spend visibility you need to control purchasing across all properties.

Cost Savings

EPRO help streamline the procurement process, enabling companies to negotiate better deals with suppliers and identify cost-saving opportunities. By automating procurement, companies can reduce manual errors and avoid unnecessary spending.

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Improved Supplier Relationships

EPRO is a necessary tool for effective Supplier Management. By maintaining accurate records, tracking performance, and facilitating communication, companies can build stronger, more collaborative relationships with their suppliers.

Compliance & Risk Management

P2P systems can enforce compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements. This helps mitigate risks associated with non-compliance and ensures that all procurement activities align with industry standards and regulations.

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Trusted by the Leading Hospitality Companies

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EPRO has helped streamline our ordering and payment processes by replacing multiple websites with one central location where all orders can be placed, and invoices can be viewed and approved for payment.

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